How to Send RSS Summaries to Airtable Automatically on Inksprout

With Inksprout, you can automate the summarization through RSS. What's more, you can send the resulting summaries to your Airtable through Zapier integration.

This is a walkthrough post of how to do that.

Zapier Integration

You can start by going to this page:

You can follow along the instruction. You will need to connect with your Inksprout account.

Next select the option to how you want to format the summary output. You can choose whether to include url link at the end of the summary text (False if you don't want to include).

Then, you will be connecting Airtable account. You will need to find and insert the API key from your account page as instructed via Zapier.

Popup page to connect your Airtable. Follow to the account page.
Generate API key if it's your first time.
If you already have your API key generated, you will click on the hidden number to get the key.

Once connected, select to which Airtable base you want to send the summary text into, and pick the table.

This is what the base looks like for this example. You can use any name for the columns.

Once you have set up your Airtable, now we are ready to connect the 2 applications. For Inksprout, choose Content and URL. Content is the generated summary text.

For Airtable, you can select whichever columns you want to export the content into. We named ours Summary and URL.

Note: content will be empty if no summaries are found from the link.

You can test the Zapier connection. This is how the summarized text will look like on Zapier. All you need to do now is to turn it on.

Setup RSS link on Inksprout

Now we have your Zapier, we want to get Inksprout to start summarizing the incoming RSS. For this, you will need to go to the Summarize page and choose RSS.

Caution: you'll need a premium+ Inksprout account to turn on RSS imports.

Now you can insert your RSS link (url that often ends in rss.xml). And start importing. If you remove the bullet option, the summary will come out as a single paragraph.

That's it! The RSS links are pulled every 10-20 minutes. Once it finds new urls, it will be included as part of your collection and the results will be sent to your Airtable row.