Upgrade Your Social Flow with Inksprout Chrome Extension

Moving your existing app is hard. It already has your data and all your team members are using. Most of all, you are used to the its design. That's why we developed Inksprout Chrome Extension.

We will walk through the simple steps.

  1. Install
  2. Social schedulers
  3. Open create post
  4. Paste in url
  5. Share

Install Extension

You need to install Chrome extension from the Chrome Store. Once installed if you have not signed up or logged in into your account, it will ask you to do so.

Note: only Chrome browser is supported at the moment.

Go over to your Favorite Schedulers

Once that's done, go over to your favorite social schedulers. The supported platforms today are:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Sproutsocial
  • Zoho Social
  • Publer
  • ContentStudio
  • SocialBee
  • Postoplan

Native platforms are supported as well namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

From there you need to open the text editor just like how you'd do normally.

Paste in URL

At this point, you can already see the Inksprout icon you can interact with for rewrite and quote picking.

The real power of Inksprout comes in the form of url summarization. You need to copy url and paste in the post editor. It will populate your empty editor with the summary.

From here, you can either edit/remove the summarized text to fit your post. Or, find a good link intro suggestions from the icon popup (it will show the number in the badge).

A Secret Weapon

Aside from the social sharing, you can use the extension to get summaries of the page you are on. You need to click summarize the text while you're on the website like blog page.

You can use it to read more. Or copy the text to use it somewhere else.